Facebook users demographics in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary

Facebook users demographics in Poland_Czech Republic_Hungary_September2016

As Facebook is really important digital channel for advertisers, it’s really important to know who its’ users are. To get the data, we use Facebook advertising system as we believe it’s the best source. Poland There are 14M Facebook users in Poland in September 2016. 51% are female. Almost 80% of all users in Poland are aged 18-54. Czech Republic In Czech Republic Facebook has 4.7M users and 51% are female....

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Check how Millennials do shopping and catch them in the right time and place. Tips for marketers.

Millennials on Facebook_access Facebooka in more locations and more often_Catvertiser blog

Did you know that 23% of Poles plan to increase purchasing more products online? And 60% of Facebook users discovered new product in this social media platform? As we mentioned in our previous article, the top categories are: cosmetics, tech products, entertainment (movies, music etc) and travel. According to GfK Multi-Market Consumer Survey Research and a study carried out by it’s commissioned research partner for Poland, 42% of Poles like...

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Facebook users in Poland - Q2 2016

Facebook users in Poland in Q2 2016

According to Facebook data (June 2016) about 14 M people use Facebook in Poland every month. It is 59% of all internet users. 11M, which is 79% of monthly active users, return every day. Facebook is a favourite social network for 70% of Poles. As people spend more and more time with digital and mobile, smartphone and mobile users in Poland continue to grow. More than 11 M people access...

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Optimize your advert to capture leads on Facebook – so how to use Facebook Lead Ads?

Lead ads na Facebooku_Catvertiser blog

Lead Ads on Facebook are designed to simplify a contact between companies and their potential customers. This ad format enables collecting contact details from the audience in a very easy way – by auto filling lead generation form with user details. At a first glance, lead ad looks like a regular Facebook link advert – but it includes special call to action (CTA) buttons to encourage users to take an...

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How to create Facebook advertising campaign – step by step


If you want to start a new Facebook advertising campaign in Catvertiser, you should choose “Create campaign” tab on the left hand side menu (1). Choose your ads account (2), add a client (3). If you create a campaign to your own or your company, you can type your company name or just name and surname. Then you should choose the buying type (4) – for most of the accounts...

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need Catvertiser? Simple and user-friendly ads creator and bulk upload of creatives from Excel file will let you generate multiple ads faster than ever giving you a great possibility to perform A/B tests and find out which ads are performing more effectively. Using automatic post advertising you will save your time and boost your hottest content automatically basing upon previously defined requirements. Thanks to advanced configuration of...

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Catvertiser bot lets you manage and monitor your Facebook campaigns in Messenger

Catvertiser bot_Messenger

Facebook chat became very useful and efficient internet communicator. Few days ago, Facebook enabled developers to create their own bot. It’s a huge change that can be successfully used by business, i.e. to automate customer services. On their behalf Facebook communicator can contact with the customers or potential business partners. Yesterday (15. June) we launched Catvertiser bot. It is most likely the first bot that enables Facebook users to monitor...

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Promote Facebook page posts containing specific keywords automatically - new functionality in Catvertiser

promote page posts containing specific keyword automatically_Catvertiser

In Catvertiser you can promote Facebook page post automatically. You can choose what types of posts should be boosted by the system. So far you had the options mentioned below: all posts, posts with any link, posts with a link to selected domain, posts with an image, video posts, posts with text status only (without any link, image nor video etc). Now we give you even more possibilities.  Advertisers don’t...

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Creative ways of using Facebook carousel ads

Facebook carousel ad_image to Catvertiser blog article regarding multi product Facebook campaign

If you are running advertising campaings on Facebook it’s really important to have an outstanding and eye-catching ad creation. A great way is using Facebook carousel ad (known also as multi-product ad). This advert format enables advertisers to show 3-5 images (dimensions: 600 x 600 px) or videos , links, headlines and CTA (call to action) within one ad creation / within single ad unit. Carousel ads are largely used...

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How to create carousel ads campaign – Catvertiser step by step guide

how to create the carousel ads campaign_Catvertiser step by step guide_article image_Catvertiser blog

Log in to the Catvertiser and choose “Create campaign” section from the left-hand menu. Fill all the field (Ads account, Client, Buying type and Campaign name) and choose “Multi products” from the available advertising types. In the next step you should choose the website to want to promote and fill all the details concerning your products or services (the details that will be displayed in a single box within the...

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