Building creatives for your Facebook adverts might be really time-consuming and tricky activity. While you prepare Facebook ads creatives for your campaign you have to remember (naturally except the obvious fact to make your ads appealing to your audience) about some details which are fundamental to the success of your Facebook advertising campaign or can even determine whether your ads will be displayed.

To help you save your time and make the process of adjusting your images to Facebook recommendations and to check whether they meet Facebook guidelines, we developed simple marketing tools.

Tools are available for free at: Facebook Ads Marketing Tools



Using Catjuster you can adjust the size and aspect ratio of your picture depending on the type of your advertising campaigns. You won’t need to check for recommended image sizes for each and every type of campaign. Catjuster will help you crop and resize your image and make it ready for your Facebook campaign.



Multi-Product Ads are really important part of Facebook advertising environment. It helps you promote up to 5 products in one ad and for example redirect your users to the most popular products of your store. Except that, Multi-Product Ads help you create really great panoramic ads (Have you seen MPA campaign created by Skoda Poland, just take a look here). And here comes Catoramic. If you want to easily prepare such ad for your service or product, Catoramic will prepare images for you. Simply upload your picture, select number of frames and that’s it. Images for your panoramic Multi-Product Ads are ready.



One of the most frequent reasons of refusal of your ads is the fact that it has over 20% of text. According to the rules of Facebook advertising platform, images used in creatives cannot be stuffed with text. Gridcat will help you check whether your image follows 20% rule and whether it can be used in Facebook advertising.

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