According to Facebook data (June 2016) about 14 M people use Facebook in Poland every month. It is 59% of all internet users.
11M, which is 79% of monthly active users, return every day. Facebook is a favourite social network for 70% of Poles.

As people spend more and more time with digital and mobile, smartphone and mobile users in Poland continue to grow. More than 11 M people access Facebook monthly on mobile and more than 8.6 M daily.

mobile and smartphone facebook users in Poland_Q2 2016_Catvertiser blog

Source: Market Snapshot - Poland Q2 2016

When Poles use Facebook

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The main reasons of using Facebook in Poland

top reasons and ocassions to use Facebook in Poland Q2 2016

top reasons and ocassions to use Facebook in Poland Q2 2016_connect with friends

What do Poles do on Facebook:

• 66% share pictures
• 55% post on a friend’s wall
• 44% share news articles
• 39% share music
• 38% share personal news
• 28% recommend a product

Facebook is the best place to find new content and services for about 30% of users. About 60% of Poles on Facebook discovered new products or services on this social channel. Top categories are:

products discovered on Facebook_Q2 2016_cosmetics_technology_Catvertiser blog

products discovered on Facebook_Q2 2016_entertainment_travel_Catvertiser blog

We hope that those basic datas on Facebook users in Poland will be useful for marketers and make it easier to understand how Poles behave on Facebook, what kind of info they are looking for etc. We will publish some more stats soon. You will be able to find out about digital and mobile ad spend trends. And as mobile ad spend will continue to gain share and there is more and more Facebook mobile users, Facebook is really important channel for marketers. If you want to automate creation, management and reporting of your ad campaigns on Facebook, start Catvertiser free trial now.


Source: Market Snapshot - Poland Q2 2016, Facebook for CEE