Reach and Frequency (R&F) is the new buying mode that enables Facebook advertisers to more precisely plan/schedule and predict the cost and reach of the promotional campaigns. Marketers using R&F are able to accurately manage the audience size on Facebook and control ads frequency.


The advantages of the R&F campaigns:

  • Better control of budget and reach.
  • Facebook advertisers can predictably reach the exact number of Facebook users in their target audience within the fixed campaign budget.
  • Ads frequency control.
  • Ability to set the frequency cap (capping) for each individual allows advertisers to manage the number of ads a person sees over a set period of time. So they can control how many times the people see your messaging.
  • For example you can set that one person will see your advert 2 times within 7 days.
  • Ability to plan adverts’ sequence
  • As a specific advert can be a part of other creations series, it can be a part of the whole story that the advertisers want to tell.
  • Ability to receive your estimates through either a maximum budget amount or a desired reach goal.
  • More aware optimisation.
  • You can see CPM changes depending on the modification within a target group, campaign period or capping. You can see this relationship from the very beginning, so at the planning stage of your campaign.

When it’s worth using Reach and Frequency campaigns?

You should consider using this campaign type if your business objectives are:

  • building brand image, awareness and recognition,
  • frequency with which you want Facebook users to see your advert.

How does it work and how to use it?
Reach and Frequency campaigns are great for storytelling. Let us discuss this with an example.
Suppose that:

  • you want to introduce the new brand or product to the market,
  • you are using video adverts (you plan a TV campaign and want to strengthen it by promotional activities on Facebook),
  • you want to divide your communication activities into 2 stages: teaser and reveal.

Reach and Frequency campaign allows to reach a specific number of users and determine how often the specific person will see the messaging. So, in the first phase, the teaser video adverts would be displayed to the specified target group (i.e. max 3 times a week). In the second phase, the reveal ads would be displayed only to those users from the target group who have seen the teaser spots. So that you are sure that they know the context of your communication and they will know the whole story you want to tell.

How to use it in Catvertiser? Step by step
Choose the “Create campaign” tab from the left hand menu / navigation. Choose or create new “Ads account” and “Client”. In the 3rd step you can choose the “Buying type” (where you have a drop-down list). You should choose Reach and Frequency here.

Reach and frequency campaign on Facebook - step 1 in Catvertiser


Then you will need to prepare the advert creations in the „Creatives” tab and choose the targeting options and in the „Targeting” tab.

Then in „Bidding and schedule” tab you will be able to set the reach of your campaign and the frequency of displaying your ads to the individual Facebook user within the audience.

reach and frequency Facebook campaing - step 2 in Catvertiser


Reach and Frequency campaign structure enables you to run all types of Facebook campaigns except gaining fans campaign.

There are some limitations on the Reach and Frequency campaign type:

  • it’s available only in CPM pricing;
  • campaign must last a minimum 1 day (24h);
  • you can’t stop it nor change the campaign objectives;
  • it can be used for promoting Facebook posts or external websites;
  • targeting limitations: only fan targeting available (no friend-of-fan or fan exclusion)
  • minimum reach: 200 000 users.