Frequently Asked Questions

What is Catvertiser?
What are the advantages of using Catvertiser?
What kind of ads can be created using Catvertiser
Can I run advertisement on other services than Facebook using Catvertiser?
How can Catvertiser optimize my campaigns?
What is CPA bidding?
What are split tests?
Is Catvertiser available in other languages than English?
What is the cost of using Catvertiser?
How does the payment system work?
What happens if my credit card expires or is maxed out?
I run big advertising budgets. What can I do to be charged less frequently for using Catvertiser?
Can I try Catvertiser before buying it?
How to create my account?
How many ad accounts can I use with Catvertiser?
Do I pay Facebook or Catvertiser for my advertising?
What is the currency of payments of Catvertiser commission?
I have ad accounts with different currencies. How is commission calculated?
Will I receive invoices for using Catvertiser?
How to cancel my account?
I created a campaign and I cannot see it on Facebook
I want to create a campaign but I cannot see a Facebook page I would like to promote

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