As you all probably know, the changes in Facebook Edge Rank algorithm caused that the content added by brands on Facebook Pages is seen only by a part of the potential audience. In order to reach more people advertisers now need to run advertising for the posts published on their Facebook Pages. Moreover, posts can be also a good alternative way to advertise your website, app and Facebook Page – interesting content seen by Facebook users on their news feed may encourage them to buy your product or simply to like your brand on Facebook.

Creating and running advertising actions for your posts don’t have to be time-consuming process – using features you can make the most of the advertising for page posts with minimal effort. Here’s how to do it:


Advertise more than one post at a time

While Facebook standard tools allow you to run campaign for only one selected page posts, Catvertiser lets you select more page posts to be included in one advertising campaign. Using this feature you may not only save your time but also you can perform split testing and see exactly how two or more posts are received by your audience and finally promote only content that brings you real effects.


Discover dark posts

Although the name “dark posts” may sound mysterious and dangerous, in fact it’s a really nice way to optimize your advertising campaigns for posts. Using dark posts, also known as unpublished posts, you can create advertising for your product published in Facebook news feed to the users from your target group without necessity to publish a post on your Facebook page. Thanks to this solution you can reach a group of your potential customers without publishing uninteresting content to all subscribers of your fanpage.


Automatize your advertising

Adding campaigns each time you publish posts isn’t probably the most effective way to organize your day-to-day work. To automatize your advertising efforts Catvertiser offers a really useful solution to schedule advertising for your future posts. You simply need to determine start end end dates and total budget (for example for a month) and then, each time you add new post to your Facebook page, we will automatically run advertising for it, pausing ads for your previous post. This way you can be sure that the most fresh content of your fanpage is always promoted. In addition, you may use advanced scheduling options deciding which type of content you want to advertise: using advanced settings you can decide whether you want to promote each post, or only posts of the selected types (with photos, with links, text statuses) or even only posts containing link to the specified domain – this way only posts linking to your websites will be promoted.