Great news for the weekend – mobile app advertising is now available in Catvertiser! Starting today all Facebook marketers using Catvertiser for their Facebook advertising campaign, will see an option to promote their Google Play and/or App Store applications. According to the instant growth of users of internet users on mobile devices, Facebook can be a great place to advertiser your mobile app and to gain new installs.


As always, while designing and developing mobile apps advertising we were trying to “keep it simple” to give you the best possible experience while setting up your advertising campaign. The process of creating ads for Android or iOS app is extremely easy and at the same time highly configurable including possibility to target your ads depending on mobile connection type used by the user or by device type or operating system version.

Moreover if you want to advertise multiplatform mobile app (Android + iOS) you don’t need to create two separate campaigns – you can simply create ads for Google Play and App Store in one campaign and our system will automatically split them into two separate ads.

At the moment advertising for mobile apps is possible on CPC (cost-per-click) and oCPM (optimized cost-per-mille). During the next days we will be launching mobile apps advertising on cost-per-install basis. Stay tuned!