A few weeks ago we introdiuced a new future  – autooptimization rules, that help users to maenage Facebook campaigns. Now Catvertiser will be able to stop your ads after achieving the expected results and automatically change bids for gunderperforming campaigns or ads. You don’t have to worry about monitoring your campaigns any more – Catvertiser will keep an eye on them for you.

Autooptimization based on a set of rules, constantly monitor your campaigns and makes changes changes in a various situations. You can specify what kind of change you want to happen, like: budget increase or decrease, campaign finish or number of impressions change. You can apply such rules on campaign, adset or single creative level.

To create a new rule, select „autooptimization” in the menu and then “Create a new adset”. You have 7 options and two main rules:

 Stop operations – This option could be used in a single campaign, various adsets or individual ads. The rule will stop the promotion at the time when selected operations reach the target. In terms of the data we have to choose: frequency, cost per results, results, impressions, number of objectives achieved, CTR and click (the results depend on the type of campaign you choose, for example page like or post activities). Then you set the trigger, that will stop the campaign, and finally how often this trigger should be verified by Catvertiser (daily or weekly).

Catvertiser autooptimization

To change bids to a set value or by certain percent – If you choose this method, Catvertiser will perform changes in your adsets or ads by a specified value. First, You decide what kind of criteria are most important for you: cost of results,  numer of results or impressions. Then you choose whether the rule should act when the value of the selected criterion is larger or smaller then previously indicated. In the next step, you determine what value or percentage should change. As in the previous option, you can define frequency of triggering the rule.

catvertiser autooptimization

After you choose and save all the rules, you can select them and edit while you create your campaign at the “Configuration: step.


This new Catvertiser’s feature will certainly be appreciated by people who manage large number of Facebook campaigns simultaneously, as well as those who don’t have time adjusting their campaigns manually.