Many of you know about the upcoming bank holidays in the UK and Ireland. Although there are some mismatches in dates in particular parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland, implications of bank holidays in all of them remain the same. Through years some traditions and rules might have changed, nevertheless, during these holidays banks are still not allowed to operate. I would like to take this opportunity and talk a bit about banks’ performance on Facebook.

As Facebook’s popularity grows, the number of Business Pages for different companies grow as well and banks are no different. Even Chinese banks have their Pages in Facebook, which is quite surprising because Facebook is blocked in this country. Anyway, I thought that it might be interesting to learn about methods and practices that banks use on their Facebook Pages.

Difficulties for banking industry

Interestingly, banks manage not only to get a lot of fans, engage them but also to stay creative with their posts on Facebook. It is interesting because banking is not the easiest industry to manage posts in Facebook. There are a lot of places online, where people can go online. Although Facebook is changing its policy for more serious and informative platform image, the major share of users are still go to Facebook for socializing and relaxing. This means that it is not very common for them to visit Facebook page in order to get some banking/financial news. This makes it painful for Facebook bank Pages to remain creative and original.

The other drawback for banking sector is that it is regulated quite heavily, so sometimes it appears quite challenging to keep up with all the changes in Facebook. Among biggest barriers for banks in social media are regulations, budgeting and resource issues. Even though the presence of banks in Facebook is growing rapidly, they still need to be careful about their content and creatives. The reason for that is that the message, which they post on their pages can be misunderstood and bring many different dangers for their businesses (e.g. damaging public image).

The popular types of posts for bank pages

So what are the ways, which banks use to grow their fan base, engage users and not being trapped in some sort of damaging situation? There are four main points, which are common for most of them.

1.       Career advice or any other type of advice

This is a good way to distract and at the same time to engage their fans in the discussion. With such approach banks create some quality content and can get more traffic to their websites. Moreover, advises are something that people look for in Internet in general and in social media specifically.

2.       Contests and programs

Running a contest is very popular method among bank pages in Facebook. If you take a look on different bank pages, you will most probably find at least one contest on it.

3.       Show good work

From marketing point of view it is a great way of manipulating people (in a good way). First of all, I creates a positive image for the bank, showing that it cares and supports human values and not just being a cold financial machine.

4.       Share news

News are important part of keeping up with new tendencies and developments. Even though sometimes financial news may be a bit boring (who am I kidding, a bit????), they found a great way out. In order to engage audience and still be a “financial guru” they post events in a financial sector, sport news or even something about celebrities, bankers and politicians.

It is important to notice that the most popular bank pages don’t talk a lot about their company and their products. They have a smart combination of keeping fans up with recent important news, engaging them and the general picture of their own company.


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