The more projects to deal with – the more facilities needed. For those who handle more and more advertisement campaigns at once, we have created the bulk actions solution.

Ready to explore? Locate yourself on My Campaigns tab and follow the Cat! A magic checkmark on top of the list will allow changing status of all campaigns with just one click. Clicking on the separate campaigns will apply the action only to those chosen.



Now, if you go inside a particular campaign, you may change settings for ad sets of this campaign just the same way. Bulk status change, budget change and the end data edition is now possible.



And finally, you might need to edit the settings for the specific ad, or creation. Sometimes one performs better, while another seems to be totally useless. Here you may pause, delete or resume couple of chosen ads or all at once, if you believe they generate more costs than benefits or vice versa. On the other hand, to increase or decrease specific ads’ emission, you may change the bids for them individually or all together. Select specific ads of the campaign and set the new bid manually or just by particular percent.



Bulk actions option is now included in all packages. Enjoy its advantages and let the Cat know how you like it!