Facebook chat became very useful and efficient internet communicator. Few days ago, Facebook enabled developers to create their own bot. It’s a huge change that can be successfully used by business, i.e. to automate customer services. On their behalf Facebook communicator can contact with the customers or potential business partners.

Yesterday (15. June) we launched Catvertiser bot. It is most likely the first bot that enables Facebook users to monitor and manage their Facebook campaings in Messenger. Catvertiser bot, thanks to entering special commands, sends details regarding your campaigns. You can get text or structured messeges. All you need to do is connecting your accounts (Catvertiser – Messenger).

How to connect accounts?
Log in to Catvertiser and go to the “My Catvertiser” tab in the left-hand menu. Choose option „Integrations” (at the bottom in the „My Catvertiser” tab).

Catvertiser bot_My Catvertiser_Integrations tab


On the right side you will see the list of all tools etc. that can be integrated. Choose Facebook Messenger by clicking “Connect” button.

Catvertiser bot_My Catvertiser tab_Facebook Messenger integration


You will get the access token (it will be as a bold text – number 1 on the screen below).
Then click Catvertiser link (number 2). You will be redirected to Facebook Messenger.

integracja kont Catvertiser-Facebook Messenger_access token_kod dostepu.jpg

Type (or simply paste) your access token – you should do it exactly the same way as you are sending standard message in Messenger. You should get a confirmation about successful integration.

Now you can start talking with Catvertiser bot. Let’s start by sending i.e. “hi” message.

Catvertiser Messenger bot integration_2_start talking


To find out what kind of details you can check in Messenger, just /usage command. You will get the list of available commands.

Catvertiser Messenger bot integration_3_usage


What kind of details regarding your Facebook campaings you can get?

Command What you will get
/usage – current menu
/clients – Clients list
/campaign CLIENT_ID – Clients campaigns
/campaigns CLIENT_ID stats – Clients campaigns with stats
/adsets CAMPAIGN_ID – Campaings adsets
/adsets CAMPAIGN_ID stats – Campaings adsets with stats
/adset ADSET_ID – Adset details
/ads ADSET_ID – Campaigns ads
/ads ADSET_ID stats – Campaigns ads with stats
/ad AD_ID – Ad details
/performance – current month performance
/pause (campaign/adset/ad) ID – Pause campaign/adset/ad
/start (campaign/adset/ad) ID – Activate campaign/adset/ad

How does it look like in Messenger?
/clients – you will see your clients’ list with Client ID (as a numer).

Catvertiser bot integration_4_clients list


Typing /campaigns CLIENT ID command, so for Catvertiser it will be: /campaigns 24, you will get this client campaigns list.

Catvertiser bot integration_5_campaign


If you want to check some details of any campaign, you should simply click a link from the Catvertiser bot answer message.

  • If you click View details, you will get:
    Campaign name
    Status (active, paused etc.)
    Campaign objective that were chosen in Catvertiser in creating campaign process

Catvertiser bot integration_6_campaign details

  • If you click Campaign adsets , you will be able to check some details regarding specific adsets (View details) or go to the details about specific ads (View ads).

Catvertiser bot integration_7_campaign adsets_view details


If you want to check any specific ad’s details (name, status, objective etc.), just click “View details” button.

You can also check a preview of any ad – just click “View details” button.

Catvertiser bot_Messenger_view ad details

You can also check your month performance – typing  /performance command.

Catvertiser bot integration_9_performance


You can also pause or activate your campaings, adsets or ads. To do it, you should use one of the commands:

  • /pause (campaign/adset/ad) ID
  • /start (campaign/adset/ad) ID