We are really proud and glad to inform you that we collaborated with WWF Poland (World Wide Fund for Nature), Polish branch of international organization that is working on issues regarding conservation and preserving nature and environment. In our country WWF Poland is taking care of our valuable forests, rivers and endangered species of animals like lynxes, wolves, bears and Baltic Sea mamals.

We had a pleasure to help WWF Poland set up and optimize Facebook campaign run in order to preserve the population of moose in Poland. Polish government planned to allow moose hunting without further reasearch and counting of the population of moose. The objective of the campaign was to encourage people to sign a petition to save moose and to convince Polish government to change their plans to give permission to moose hunting until the population of moose in Poland is counted.

Last week it was announced that the decision of Polish government has been changed – Polish Minister of Environment decided that by the time the population of moose is counted there will not be any change in moose hunting regulations.

During the campaign executed with WWF Poland we were trying to optimize Facebook campaign using mechanisms we prepared for Catvertiser Facebook optimization tool. To make our ads visible for the wide audience interested in welfare of moose we used news feed dark posts with CPA bidding. Thanks to that we were charged only for clicks to WWF landing page, instead of paying for all clicks (including the ones that redirected to WWF Poland Facebook Page). Moreover, WWF campaign was the first serious test for tracking functionality we are currently working on – more details on that coming pretty soon.

Once again, we are happy to see that using Catvertiser and optimizing Facebook advertising campaign with our tool helped WWF Poland get a very positive result for one of their environmental actions.