We are thrilled to announce you big news from Catvertiser.com – today we launched a new language version of our awesome tool – from now on Catvertiser is available in lolspeak – language of all internet cats.

This is our tribute to all advertising cats working on the optimization of Facebook advertising campaigns. During a special press conference Catvertiser.com CEO said:

“The mission and main target of our company is to provide our users with the best possible experience while creating online advertising campaigns. As advertising cats are the most active and devoted users of Catvertiser.com we decided to take this step and give them their own language version”.

According to what Catvertiser.com CEO Grzegorz Berezowski said it is now possible to start your advertising campaign with simple “I can has campaign?” button. This is way more cat-friendly and effective solution than standard English, which according to the research isn’t widely spoken by these most popular advertising animals. Moreover, Catvertiser.com team working on these important milestone enabled user support in lolspeak. Starting today, all advertising cats may ask wize kat for help in case of any campaign optimization problems.


Let’s now focus on the difference between classic advertising and campaigns managed and operated by cats, known as catvertising. As stated in the analysis performed by independent group of scientists, the time reaction of cats is almost zillion times better than average time of reaction of humans. Thanks to that cats are better in jobs requiring fast decision-making and speed reaction. Cats are just more physically equipped for jobs in advertising not only due to their speed, they are also well-known for their ability to deal with angry customers. What can be more calming that cats’ purring?