Dear Catvertisers – we have some great news for you! Today we updated and equipped it with some new functionalities to help you manage and optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns. Here’s what we got for you – we hope you like it:

Ads previews

One of the major updates in our platform is introduction of ads previews. Now, in all your campaigns run with Catvertiser since you started using our tool, you will see previews of all created ads. Combining it with split tests on creatives, ads preview will give you a more clear outlook on all your created ads.

Export to Excel

Excel is one of the best friends of majority of advertisers. No matter whether you are running ads with Catvertiser, Power Editor or any other Facebook advertising tool, sometimes, especially while creating advanced campaign reports for your clients or for your boss, Excel is irreplaceable. To make it easier for you to use your campaigns data from Catvertiser, we brought to you simple ‘Export to xlsx’ button. Using it you will be able to export detailed stats for all your campaigns or ads or the ones selected.

Updates in creative builder

To reflect the latest changes of Facebook advertising system, we updated campaign builder of campaigns for Facebook Pages with optional ‘page title’ of your creative. This update will give you better flexibility while creating fan aquisition advertising campaigns on Catvertiser.