More efficient Facebook advertising campaigns management and monitoring

We’ve just launched Catvertiser integration with Slack. Thanks to the integration you will receive notifications regarding Facebook advertising campaigns ran in Catvertiser straight to the Slack channel.

Benefits of integration:

Benefits of Catvertiser - Slack integration

You will be notified of:

  • start of a new campaign,
  • any mistakes in the campaign publication proccess ,
  • changes made in the campaign complies with the defined optimization rules, i.e. if there is an optimization rule defined to stop an ad if it gain X displays, then Catvertiser will stop this ad and you will be notified about it in the Slack channel.

Catvertiser notification in Slack


There is also an usability function of this integration. Thanks to entering special commands to Slack, you will be able to receive:

  • all clients’ list,
  • all campaigns’ list and statistics,
  • all ad sets list and statistics,
  • all ads list and statistics.

Moreover you are able to pause or start the campaign / ad set / advert.

Catvertiser datas in Slack

How to set up integration with Slack?

First of all you need to have Catvertiser account. In case you didn’t have one, click HERE and create it.
You also need to choose the channel in the Slack, where you will get the notifications.
The integration process is really easy and quick. It takes just few clicks.

Log in to your Catvertiser account. Go to the “Integrations” in the “Your Catvertiser” tab on the left. You should see Slack logo there. Just click “Connect” button to integrate. You will get the drop down list with all Slack’s channel. Choose one of them (you will get Catvertiser’s notifications to this channel).

Catvertiser-Slack integration_instruction


Just check how it works and launch the integration.


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