We are starting a series of articles to show you the possibilities of Catvertiser.com in comparison with standard advertising solutions provided by Facebook.

One of the major objectives of Catvertiser.com is to give you better experience and better results of your Facebook advertising campaigns. In order to to do it we equipped Catvertiser.com with some useful features to make your Facebook advertising more successful. We just started – so stay tuned for even more updates in near future.


Advanced post scheduling

By standard Facabook tools allow you to prepare an advertising schedule for your posts. Using it you may plan advertising for your fanpage content to make sure the most recent of your posts is always promoted. In Catvertiser we decided to make post scheduling more useful and adapted to specific needs of particular advertisers. Planning advertising campaigns with for your posts with Catvertiser, in contrary to Facebook,  lets you select which types of posts you want to promote. You may build a campaign that will only start campaigns for your recent post with link, photo or status text, accordung to your needs. In addition, if you are posting lots of links to various websites on your Facebook Page but you are only willing to pay for posts with links to your domain, you can easily set this up on Catvertiser.



CPA bidding

Classic Facebook advertising allows you to pay for each thousand impressions of your ad (CPM) or per each click on your advert (CPC). It means that you cannot pay for real effects of your campaigns. Not anymore. Facebook uses new Facebook bid type – CPA, which at the moment isn’t available in neither Facebook Ads Manager nor Power Editor. Thanks to CPA bidding you may pay for what really matters: new page likes, visits on your website or installs of your mobile app. According to our tests, CPA bidding makes cost of fan aquisition even 7x smaller than in campaigns run on CPC basis. It’s definitely worth trying.



Split testing and results analysys

A key to successful Facebook campaign is testing, testing on many levels: comparing various groups of audiences to determine what’s the right choice for your products or services, checking which pitch better sells your product and testing creatives and alternative versions of your landing page. Catvertiser offers you a full support for split testing. You can easily create multiple ads, multiple targetting groups. You can even make that some users will see one version of your landing page while the others will land on alternative.

In addition Catvertiser.com lets you easily track your campaigns with Google Analytics UTM codes. Using our product you don’t have to use external tools like UTM code builder to add tracking codes to your campaign links. UTM codes are built automatically according to the settings of your campaign.




Stats on customer level

Using standard Facebook tools to run Facebook advertising campaigns for multiple customers you surely experience a problem: how to see stats for each client separatedly and how to easily split campaigns realized for various services or products.. Agencies try to deal with this issue using many various tricks to make it possible for example using special naming conventions but using Facebook tools you cannot simply see campaigns for one particular client with one click. On Catvertiser it’s possible. During the process of campaign creation you can choose the client. It will help you analyze the results and campaign stats without a need to perform advanced Excel engineering.




A full list of Catvertiser current features that are not available using Facebook standard tools you can see in a table below: