Did you know that 23% of Poles plan to increase purchasing more products online? And 60% of Facebook users discovered new product in this social media platform? As we mentioned in our previous article, the top categories are: cosmetics, tech products, entertainment (movies, music etc) and travel.
According to GfK Multi-Market Consumer Survey Research and a study carried out by it’s commissioned research partner for Poland, 42% of Poles like when brands communicate with them via social media.

And what about Millennials?
Compared to an average Pole online, Millennials are much more mobile. They spend about 4h on a smartphone every day. They are 1.5 times more likely to use smartphones daily and it’s typical to them to access social media networks via smartphone.
Millennials use Facebook in more locations than the average Pole online.


Millennials on Facebook_access Facebooka in more locations and more often1_Catvertiser blog

Millennials on Facebook_access Facebooka in more locations and more often2_Catvertiser blog
According to Alliance Data, 65% of Millennials (in general, not only in Poland) find it comfortable to purchase online, using their mobiles. 39% of all retails purchases made by Millennials are online. More than 20% of them follow their social media friends and make a purchase decision based on their social activity. Moreover, Millennials like to share their opinion on the products. About 16% of them share a comment about the product they bought or publish a photo of it in social media network.

It can be really usefull for marketers and i.e.  e-commerce companies. They should consider to use Facebook more efficiently and at the biggest scale in their advertising strategy. But it’s also crucial to know that Poles have really high expectations of brands as 49% expects advertising to be relevant.
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