If you are running advertising campaings on Facebook it’s really important to have an outstanding and eye-catching ad creation. A great way is using Facebook carousel ad (known also as multi-product ad). This advert format enables advertisers to show 3-5 images (dimensions: 600 x 600 px) or videos , links, headlines and CTA (call to action) within one ad creation / within single ad unit. Carousel ads are largely used by e-commerce companies to showcase multiple products, but they can also be used by any business to reach different business needs, from promoting few products, key features of one product to telling your brand story. Everything depends on advertisers’ and graphic designers’ creativity. Carousel ad opens up new opportunities, is a great way to get potential customers’ attention and is more engaging.

Carousel ads are mainly used in campaigns with clicks to website and website conversions objective. The ads are displayed in newsfeed (as a sponsored posts) on desktops as well as on mobile devices. To use it effectively and get the most from this format, you should follow to the guidelines, that you can find HERE>>

Below you will find some examples of the ways you can use Facebook Carousel Ads

Showcase multiple products within one ad unit
Every single graphic creation (a box from the carousel ad) can link to a different landing page. It can give more options to your audience and even raise your CTR.

multi product Facebook ad_Catvertiser blog

Ridestore – Facebook multi product ad


Show one product but highlight multiple features
Carousel ad is a great way to show details and unique selling points of your product or service.

Tieks by Gavrieli_facebook carousel ad

Tieks by Gavrieli – Facebook carousel ad


gmc_carousel ad_Reklama karuzelowa na Facebooku_Catvertiser

Facebook carousel ad used by GMC


Carousel ad is also attractive and effective format for tourist services branch or to promote some regional, local actions etc.

VisitScotland_Facebook carousel ad_Catvertiser

VisitScotland – Facebook carousel ad


Tell a story using a sequence of multiple images 

Mercedes-Benz Canada_Facebook carousel ad_Catvertiser blog

Facebook carousel ad by Mercedes Benz Canada


Show the features and benefits of a product or service you offer
You can create a larger canvas or panoramic – just use one large image and use up to 5 frames for an immersive experience. Skoda Polska used the carousel ad and in each card focused on one aspect of the promoted car model.

skoda polska_Facebook carousel ad to highlight the key product features_Catvertiser blog


skoda polska_Facebook carousel ad to highlight the key product features_Catvertiser blog

Carousel ads in Skoda Polska Facebook campaign


Explain how to use your product or service

You can easily adapt this ad format to explain a process by going through it – so each card of an advert will show one of the steps within the whole process.

TYME_facebook carousel ad

TYME – Facebook carousel ad


Carousel ad is also successfully used for a product tour. You can promote your mobile app and give people a foretaste, so that they can have the in-app experience even before downloading it. You can use single card to highlight a feature of the app or to show how it works step by step. So that people will know what to expect from your product.

Promote an event

Reebok_Facebook carousel ad

Reebok – Facebook carousel ad

DraftKings_Facebook Carousel adDraftKings – Facebook Carousel ad

If you want to want to be sure that your images always look good quality and good anywhere it is displayed on Facebook, please check the Facebook recommendation HERE>>
Check how to create a carousel ad in Catvertiser >>


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