In the new series of demographic reports we will try to summarize the European population of Facebook taking into consideration factors like percentage of population with Facebook accounts, percentage of mobile users and recommended bids needed for Facebook advertising in each European country.

Facebook population of Europe is almost 300 000 000. Combining it with the fact that on average 35% of European citizens have their accounts on Facebook sounds really impressive. There are 7 countries in Europe where the population of Facebook users exceeds 10 000 000: Turkey (38m), United Kingdom (36m), France (30m), Germany (28m), Italy (26m), Spain (20m) and Poland (12m)


Percentage of population on Facebook

According to our research we can see the rule that the highest percentage of citizens with the account on Facebook have small or northern countries. Definite leaders are Monaco, Iceland and Cyprus where over 70% of population use Facebook. All of these countries are rather small communities, below 1 million of citizens. We can also observe that in 15 European countries over 50% of population are Facebook users. These statistics may change really soon due to the fact that number of Facebook users in developing, eastern countries is growing faster in comparison with stable Western Europe. Countries like Albania, Hungary, Lithuania and Croatia are just below 50% line.

On the other end we have counries with minimal population on Facebook: Moldova (11%), Ukraine (7%), Belarus (5%),  Russia (5%) and Kazakhstan (5%) are closing the list. A small percentage of the users in these counties may be caused by the existance of strong local social media sites, like (VKontakte) – second most popular site in Russia (according to or – classmates and old friends reunion site.

Facebook users on mobile

The behaviour of European users of Facebook is similar to the global trends – Facebook is very popular on mobile devices. What is really worth noticing is that in only two countries there are less than 50% of Facebook users with activity on mobile devices.  On average 73% of people with the account on Facebook in Europe, use it on their mobile devices. Undisputed leaders in mobile usage are Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden and Luxembourg with over 84% of mobile users.

Recommended bids

When setting up an advertising campaign on Facebook we get a recommended bids that are needed for click or action performed by the user. During our reasearch we compared recommended CPA and CPC bids for each European country. The conclusion here is quite obvious and we can see that in rich countries cost of click or action is higher than in case of developing countries. The exception of this rule is Russia (CPA: €1.08, CPC: €0.35). On maps below we can see clearly a division where in Western Europe and Scandinavian countries recommended minimum bids are 3x higher than the bids for Eastern Europe countries. In summary, the countries where advertisers need to bid the highest rate are Norway, Russia, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden. The lowest rates (below €0.9 CPA and €0.4 CPC) are in Bulgaria, Georgia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Macedonia and Albania. CPA bid for Albania (€0.03) is over 30 times lower than the CPA recommended minimum bid for the leading Norway (€0.03).