Two months ago we were summing up European users of Facebook, now it’s time to highlight the most important observations for South American countries.

The overall population of Facebook in South America is almost 200 millions of users. Comparing to Europe, is around 100 millions lower number. However, taking into consideration the fact that Europe has 2 times bigger population than South America, it means that Facebook is more popular among South Americans – over 50% of South America residents use Facebook.

Percentage of population on Facebook

The biggest representation on Facebook have: Brazil (94 millions), Argentina (26 millions) and Colombia (22 millions). The hoghest pecentage of citizens having account on Facebook we can observe in southern part of South America: Chile, Argentina and Uruguay are the only countries with over 60% people on Facebook. On the other side of the rank, Facebook population of Bolivia and Guyana is below 30% of real popularion of these countries (28% and 25% respectively).


Facebook users on mobile

Over 50% of South American Facebook users use Facebook on mobile device – that’s more than Europe. Continent leaders for mobile Facebook usage are Chile and Suriname with over 66% of Facebook users using it on mobile device. The lowest rate of Facebook usage on mobile device we can observe in Venezuela (only 32%).


Recommended bids

If we were to compare recommended CPA / CPC bid in South America to Europe, we would see that the highest recommended CPA bid in Brazil (0,07€) is correlated with the lowest part of European rank: Brazil, the leader of the bid height in South America is somewhere between Serbia and Bulgaria. Advertisers who think of lowering their bids, may think of targeting their advertising campaigns to Venezuela, Bolivia and Paraguay where the suggested CPA bid is the lowest in the continent – 0,03€ per action.