One of the core features of is a possibility to run Facebook advertising campaigns on CPA (cost per actions) basis- feature which is not available in standard Facebook tools.

In this article we will try to explain how it is possible that offers advertising campaigns on CPA basis while Facebook advertising tools offers only CPC (Cost per click) and CPM (Cost per mille) and how using cost per action solution can help advertisers make their advertising actions more cost effective.

As standard, Facebook advertising campaigns are offered using two basic types of bids: CPC – where advertiser pays for each click on the displayed ad and CPM – where payment is realized for every thousand of impressions of particular ad. In addition, using Facebook advertising tools it is possible to use also oCPM (optimized cost per mille) bid where value of thousand of impressions ads is set automatically and optimized to the goal of campaign (eg. page likes, post engagements or website clicks). However, recently Facebook added one new bid, already mentioned CPA. Bidding per action is available only in Facebook Ads API, interface used by third party solutions that are developing alternative tools for Facebook Ad Manager and Power Editor. Thanks to that it is possible to bid on CPA using tools like

At the moment CPA is available for three types of advertising actions: campaigns focused on new fans aquisition for Facebook pages, campaigns for external websites and for install of mobile apps. During the tests of and basing on the feedback from our customers using CPA in Facebook Pages advertising campaigns we can see that this bidding method is more effective than using standard CPC or CPM. We see that in campaigns run on CPA basis, cost of new page like can be up to 7x lower than on ones using cost per click.


Althought the suggested CPA bids tend to be higher than CPC, the difference is recompensated taking into consideration the conversion. During campaigns on CPC basis advertisers pay for each click even if the click doesn’t result in new page like. You can perform a simple estimation showing you the difference in number of fans aquired using CPC vs CPA using calculator on our website. More detailed comparison you will get during the free trial of in which you will be able to run test campaigns paying for actions instead of clicks or impressions. Try it now to see the results by yourself.