In the past days some users of Facebook may have noticed that Facebook decided to enhance visually right column ads. According to Facebook researches, new looking right column ads generates better engagement that the ones we are used to. Apart from being more visually attractive, new right column ads make campaign creation process easier for advertisers. In the past, advertisers creating ads for both news feed and right column had to use different images. Thanks to the current changes, now news feed ads and right column ads will have the same aspect ratio so it won’t be necessary to use different images. Ratios will be similar for each and every selected placement.


However, like in case of almost any change there are also the dark sides. Bigger images for right column ads means less space, less space means less ads, less ads means bigger competition, bigger competition means higher costs. We may except that the prices for click or fore thousand impressions may skyrocket as there will simply be more advertiser willing to display ad to particular user.

Along with the introduction of new right column ads Facebook announced to change policy known in social media world as “20% rule”. At the moment policy that the ad image cannot include more than 20% of text don’t apply to sidebar ads so the advertisers are able to create right column ad images containing big sized text. From September 1 onwards 20% rule will refer to all types of ads (both right column and news feed).