The Digital Era has transformed the way financial institutions represent themselves. Smartphones, apps and online presence became a common thing for every business. Below you can find trends, which prevail in 2015 in Facebook’s financial industry


Content is important. And even if it’s already thrice-told, the importance of content becomes more and more visible. Financial services are no different. Their Facebook pages are frequently updated with some new, fresh information, keeping their fans interested and engaged. The key trend in financial institutions’ content marketing is publishing more sticky content.  Moreover, they utilize branded content in their content marketing strategy. This means that their content consists more from case studies, researches, storytelling etc.


The top financial brands showed the clear approach towards creating the posts for specific target audiences. Successful Pages focus a lot on particular customer preferences, their location, language and culture. An interesting example would be Barclaycard, which made a very successful campaign for the NFL fans. They achieved some great results in conversion rates, CPA and increasing number of applications. The main idea is that although the product itself (Barclaycard) can be used by different groups of people, the success came because of very specific targeting options. Such approach is very popular among Facebook’s financial institutions’ Pages. The incredible success of such approach suggests that other businesses would benefit from trying to adopt these practices.

12Publishing Tools

Operating in such a complex and fast changing environment forces marketing teams to use multiple tools for posting on their Facebook Pages. The majority of the financial institutions post on Facebook from 3 or more tools (including native posting, paid advertising and optimization), while one third of them use 7 or more tools. The effective measurement and optimization of the success of their performances in Facebook also became the constant and definitive  part of their social media marketing strategy.


Videos get the biggest amount of likes, shares and comments on Facebook financial pages. The average video post get 10 times more likes, more than 3 times more comments and shares that text or link posts. Videos have got the major focus from financial institutions’ pages in Facebook. They create and post engaging videos  for consumers’ consuption and for better ROI. Some predict that in the nearest few years videos will be the major source of traffic (more than 70%!), which makes it even more crutial to focus digital marketing strategies on them.  Current general direction in financial institutions’ videos includes such types of videos as How To tutorials, mobile banking, promotional videos, educational and humanitarian. The last one increases in its popularity and it includes some other different types, such a competitions, auction and any other events, which show some community involvement.

14Topic matters

The biggest engagement rate  for financial pages in Facebook was for topics, which include some human stories, health and humanitarian actions. Mostly it can be found on the posts for charities, competitions and other events.


The key trends for financial institutions in Facebook has some distinctive features. Among those there is an increase in branded content in all kinds of posts, community engagement  tendency, highly structured targeting strategies and others. Such trends among financial institutions provides with some very good and inspiring examples of effective, intertaining and successful facebook performence.



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