Why do I need Catvertiser?

Simple and user-friendly ads creator and bulk upload of creatives from Excel file will let you generate multiple ads faster than ever giving you a great possibility to perform A/B tests and find out which ads are performing more effectively.

Using automatic post advertising you will save your time and boost your hottest content automatically basing upon previously defined requirements. Thanks to advanced configuration of automatic post advertising you will be able to boost only selected types of posts and define your advertising strategy to obtain better results.

Catvertiser also features an advanced ad analytics in order to secure constant ad improvement.

Why do I need Facebook Ad Account?

Without it you can’t advertise on Facebook and you can’t use Catvertiser, so it’s essential to set it up. To do it, click here, then hit “Create Advert”. To start advertising you have to set up your payment method here. You can find more information on Facebook Ad Accounts here.

How do I connect my Facebook Ad Account to Catvertiser?

Just follow the instructions during registration process. If you want to check which Facebook Ad Account is connected to Catvertiser you can do it in “My Catvertiser” section.

I can’t publish my campaign. What should I do?
Check if you filled all the gaps while setting up your campaign. If there is still an issue, hit the blue  button in the bottom right corner of the the screen and let us know. We will do our best to help you.


How does the pricing work?

In Catvertiser you pay a subscription price to have access to the app. The price is based on the amount of money you spent on Facebook using our tool. You can check our plans here.