Google Analytics is really powerful tool and good friend of every advertiser working on the optimization of his/hers advertising campaigns. It’s one of the best tools to measure the behaviour of your customers and really useful tool to optimize processes like sales or customers acquisition or to simply see why your website doesn’t convert into desired results.

Tracking of the performance of ad campaigns is really valuable as well for marketers advertising their websites on Facebook. Nevertheless, standard Facebook stats for the external website campaigns are simply insufficient to measure your desired results. The situation improved a little bit lately with the introduction of Facebook conversion pixel, but still more data would give advertisers better chance to optimize their advertising actions.

On our goal is to provide you with features that will help you optimize your campaigns and that will give you wider perspective and better possibility to analyze effects of your ads placement. This week we launched integration with Google Analytics. You can connect your account on with your Google Analytics account and explore all the things unavailable for standard Facebook advertisers.

Connecting your Catvertiser account with Gogole Analytics will give you more specific data to optimize your advertising campaigns. Apart from standard Facebook stats you will see data like: bounce rate, average time your visitors spend on advertised site or number of pages they view during their visits. What is really important is a possibility to track conversions of your Facebook advertising campaigns – using our new Google Analytics integration you will be able to see Google Analytics goal completions and conversion levels directly in reporting module.

Below you will find a quick manual that will guide you through the process of Google Analytics. Don’t worry! It’s as simple as ABC.


1. Connect your account with Google Analytics.

In order to connect your account with Google Analytics you should visit ‘Integrations’ in ‘My Catvertiser’ section of the application. The only thing you need to do is to click on ‘Connect’ button. Once you grant permissions to access your Google Analytics stats to our application, the connection is ready.



2. Start your first campaign with Google Analytics tracking.

Start campaign for external website. During the creation, in the tracking section you will see Google Analytics tracking settings. Using these options you will be able to decide whether we should automatically add unique Google Analytics UTM tracking codes to each of your created ads. What’s more, you will be able to select which Google Analytics goal to track with your campaign. Simply select required goal from the list and start your campaign.



3. Have fun with in-depth stats

Just as your campaign starts to display on Facebook you will see Google Analytics stats for your campaigns directly in Catvertiser, in My Campaigns module.


That’s all! Simple, isn’t it?

We hope that Google Analytics integration with will give you great results of your campaigns.