We are really glad to inform you all that today we launched a new, enhanced targeting in Catvertiser. New targeting will make the process of creating Facebook campaigns with Catvertiser even more useful and will give you more options to reach your customers more precisely than ever and optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns using our tool.

Below you will find everything you need to know about new targeting options


New targeting options

The most important change you will notice during the creation of your new campaign is reorganization of targeting and new options available in this step of campaign creator. To the existing targeting options we have added more advanced targeting criteria that will help you reach perfect audience for your Facebook advertising campaigns.

From now on you can select targeting basing upon following options:

  • Demography: countries, cities, genders, age ranges, language, relationship statuses, generation
  • Interests and connections
  • Custom and lookalike audiences (with possibility to include or exclude selected groups of users)
  • Education and work: education level, fields of study, employer name and job title
  • Life events and parent status
  • Digital behaviors (including fanpage admins, online spenders, users of popular browsers or e-mail services)
  • Travel behaviors (including people planning to travel or just returned from travel)
  • Mobile (including type of connection, operating system and even device on which Facebook is used)


Split tests reorganization

As you probably noticed, “Split test” button isn’t visible next to each targeting option. To improve your experience while creating Facebook advertising campaign on Catvertiser and to reflect current changes in Facebook advertising environment, we decided to move split tests to “Ad sets configuration”. This way you will be able to control more precisely the division of your campaigns into ad sets.



Split tests on placement

From now on using Catvertiser it’s possible to perform split tests of your campaign basing on placement. Using new split test solution you will easily create separate ad sets for each possible ad placement (news feed on desktop computers, news feed on mobile and right column on computers). As you probably noticed, performance and bidding of your ads varies depending on the selected placement. Spliting your ads by placement is a great way to optimize costs of your campaigns and measure effects more accurately.


Split tests on saved target groups

With the new split tests and new targeting criteria we introduced possibility to run campaign split tests basing upon your saved target groups. Right now you can compare effects of your campaign basing not only on particular, single targeting criteria but also on entire, previously created target groups.