One of the most important part of creating and managing your Facebook advertising campaigns is your creative. Your sales pitch and the image attached to it is the only thing your potential customer sees. The decision whether to click on the presented ad and start the interaction with your product is in majority of cases based upon convincibility of your ads, especially when seeing your ad is the first contact with your brand.

That’s why it’s really imporant to test the effectiveness of your ads.

The best way to do it is using split tests (A/B tests) – to perform this kind of testing you need to create various versions of your ads and analyze the results they bring basing upon standard stats provided for each ad by Facebook. If you run Facebook advertising campaigns for your external websites with Catvertiser, you can dig deeper and use for example Google Analytics integration with Catvertiser in order to compare most advanced data of your campaigns like: average time your user spend on your site or how many pages sees during one visit.

As you can see the possibility to create multiple variants of your ads seems crucial for the outcome of your advertising campaign. However, if you are using standard Facebook tools, creating various versions of your creatives can be a challenging and time consuming task.

To make the process of ads creation as simple as possible and faster than ever we provided for you two methods of building your ads on Catvertiser:

  • mix – using this way of creating your ads will let you build lots of different variants of your creatives. You can just simply add multiple titles, bodies of your creatives and images and our system will automatically mix them all building ads for you. For example, if you add 3 titles, 3 bodies and 2 images, you will get 18 different creatives in just seconds. This creation method can be useful if you need to build bigger number of ads to compare the effectiveness.
  • separate ads – using this type of creating gives you a better control on the final look of your ads but speeds up the process of ads creation in comparison to what is offered by standard Facebook advertising tools. You can simply ad multiple creatives defining them one by one.


No matter which creation policy you choose, you will be able to perform data analysis and compare the effectiveness of all the ads created within your campaign. This way you’ll find out which version of your ad is more appealing to your potential customers. What is left for you is to switch off the ads with worse performance and boost the ones that work fine.