Log in to the Catvertiser and choose “Create campaign” section from the left-hand menu. Fill all the field (Ads account, Client, Buying type and Campaign name) and choose “Multi products” from the available advertising types.

creating Facebook campaign_carousel ad_Catvertiser step1

In the next step you should choose the website to want to promote and fill all the details concerning your products or services (the details that will be displayed in a single box within the carousel ad format). You can choose 3-5 images. In the top right corner in Catvertiser you will have a preview of your ad, so that you can check how it will be displayed to Facebook users.
creating Facebook campaign_carousel ad_creatives_Catvertiser_step2

In the next step (within “Targeting” tab from the left-hand side navigation) you should fill:

  • targeting details (countries, cities, age, gender, interests etc.),
  • campaign budget, campaign objective, start and end date and your hourly schedule.

creating Facebook campaign_carousel ad_Catvertiser step2

Within the tab „Advanced configuration” you can set the optimization rules, that will give you wider control on your campaign and simplify your work. If you want some more details how the autooptimization rules work, read our previous article regarding this functionality.
In Catvertiser you can use carousel ad (multi produkt ad) in lead ads campaings. It’s a great advantage as Facebook advertising system doesn’t provide this format in for lead ads.

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