If you want to start a new Facebook advertising campaign in Catvertiser, you should choose “Create campaign” tab on the left hand side menu (1). Choose your ads account (2), add a client (3). If you create a campaign to your own or your company, you can type your company name or just name and surname. Then you should choose the buying type (4) – for most of the accounts there is only “Auction” option available. Next, fill your campaign name (5) and choose an advertising type (6), which should depend on the target of your campaign.

1_Creating Facebook advertising campaign in Catvertiser_campaign details_steps1-7

The advertising targets – what are they and how to choose the best one for your business?

Before you start running your campaign you should select the right advertising target. It is really important as your ads will be optimized in such a way that you can achieve the best desired results. In Catvertiser you can choose from:

  • Facebook page – choose this one if you want to gain more fans for your page,
  • Website – this target is the best one if you want to redirect Facebook users to your external website,
  • Page post – would you like to promote your Facebook posts? If yes, you should choose this target,
  • Mobile app – this is the best advertising type for promoting your mobile application,
  • Multiple products – would you like to promote few products or one product but to highlight its different key features or promote advantages? If yes then choose this option,
  • Video – if you want to gain the most displays of your video this is the best type to choose,
  • Product feed
  • Lead ads – this type of advertising will help you to gain some important datas (like email, name and surname, telephone number etc) about your potential customers (thanks to the form they will need to fill).

When you manage to choose your advertising type (campaign target) you can go to the next step (7). For the purpose of this article we choose “Website” advertising type. There can be some different options for other campaign types.


At the stage “Creatives” you need to decide on the ad content and design, as well as the place where your ads will be displayed on Facebook (right column on desktop, news feed on desktop, news feed on mobile etc.).

2_Creating Facebook advertising campaign in Catvertiser_Creatives_steps 1-9

First, you need to select the page for your campaign (1) and decide on your ads placements (2). In the next step you can decide, wheter you want to create a separate ads, a mix of creatives or use existing posts etc. Then, fill the URL to which your ad sould redirect users (4), text (5), headline (6) and select (or upload) the images (7). If you choose the mix (in creation method), you can add many different text, headline options and pictures. The system will create automatically many different ad creations by mixing those elements. You can check the preview on the right side (8). Below it you will have the number of creations that will be made (9). If you create many different ads you will be able to check the results for every single ad and optimize them (i.e. simply stop displaying the ones with the worst results).

Targeting - why it is so important?

The targeting is the next key step as your ads should reach the right people, those who are potentially interested in your product or service. For example, if you want to promote the sport shoes, you should reach Facebook users who are interested in running, football or any other sport or just sport shoes. If you plan to organize an event in London, first of all you should reach people from London rather then from Manchester. The right targeting lets you distribute your content among people who can be potenatially interesetd in it.

3_Creating Facebook advertising campaign in Catvertiser_targeting_steps 1-6

Catvertiser enables you to limit your target group. You can select the location (countries and cities) (1), age (2) gender (3), interests (4). It is worth checking different targeting options and modyfing your target groups to find out which one is the most effective etc. If you select the interests, the system will suggest you the next ones, connected with the one you’ve chosen (5). When you fill all the options, you can check the estimated audience of your campaign (on the right side) (6).

Bidding and schedule

Now you should set a campaign budget. Fill the ammount (1) and choose wheter it is a daily budget or for the whole campaign (2). Set a bidding ammount (3) for the desired action (4) and a start and end date for your campaign. Then go to the next step.

4_Creating Facebook advertising campaign in Catvertiser_bidding and scheduling_steps 1-5

Advanced configuration

At the next stage you can decide wheter your ads should be in one ad set or devided in a couple different sets depending on the placement, target group gender, age, location etc (1). You can also set the allocate a campaign budget (2) - automatically or manually. Catvertiser also lets you set the tracking options (3): Facebook pixel tracking, Google UTM codes and Google Analytics goal tracking. There is also an ability to map ads with adsets (4). This functionality lets you stop the specific ads within the adsets. Then you can set the autooptimization rules (5). There are really helpful as the Catvertiser can automatically stop the whole campaign or specific adsets or even ads if they exceed the budget or gain a defined target etc. There are many options to choose and it is worth checking what are the possibilities.

5_Creating Facebook advertising campaign in Catvertiser_advanced configuration_steps 1-5

Campaign publication

Almost done! 🙂 At the last stage you will see the summary. It’s the best time to check, wheter everything is fine. You can still go to the previous steps to make some changes (just click “Previous step” button in the bottom left corner. If everything is OK, just click “Publish on Facebook” button (in the bottom right corner).

6_Creating Facebook advertising campaign in Catvertiser_Facebook campaign publication

I can’t publish a campaign - what should I do?

First of all - check wheter you fill all fields. Make sure that you choose the right bid - it must be at least the one suggested by Facebook (it can be higher, of course, but not lower). If you still have a problem, just contact us or report a bug (by clicking one of the blue buttons at the bottom). We will hep to solve your problem.

How do I pay in Catvertiser?

In Catvertiser you pay the monthly fee for using Catvertiser account. All the budget spent on your campaign is the other story, as you pay to Facebook (from your credit card or PayPal account conected to your Facebook advertising account).