Apart from standard advertising for page posts which can be used especially to grow the audience fir your Facebook Page, there is something more that can be used to promote your content in a more creative way – unpublished posts also known as dark posts.

From the first sight dark posts look like standard post published by Facebook Pages. The most important difference is that they are not visible on the timeline of your Facebook Page so they can only be seen by the selected audience, shortly speaking you decide who should see your dark post.

This way of post advertising have numerous benefits – below we prepared you some examples of how dark posts can be used for your advertising:


Special promotion for particular group of your fans

Let’s say you run Facebook Page dedicated to Italian cousine where you and your community can publish recipes for delicious Italian meals and lists restaurants offering really good Italian cuisine dishes. Your fans come from different cities, sometimes even from different countries. Then, one day the owner of a small Italian restaurant contacts you and offers you free coupons for delicious meals for your Facebook Page fans. Of course, you can publish info about this promotion directly on your Facebook Page timeline but you can’t be sure that all interested people will see your message and it’s almost 100% sure that the offer will be seen by many people who aren’t interested in it or simply live too far from mentioned Italian restaurant to be able to stop by to get a free meal. Here’s where dark posts come handy. Using Facebook Power Editor or one of the tools build using Facebook Ads API (we really recommend Catvertiser here) you can create a special advertising post which will only be visible to a group of your Facebook Page fans or by people selected using standard advertising targetting. Creating unpublished post you may be sure that your special offer will be used only by the people really interested in it.


A/B testing

As probably most of advertisers know, what is really important while trying to run successful Facebook advertising campaign is testing: creating various version of your ads and comparing them can tell you exactly which is received better by your target group. Unpublished posts are a really great advertising instrument that will help you examine the power of your posts. The best way to do it is to create 2 (or more) versions of your advertising post and promote it to a small part of your target group. As a result you will see which sales pitch is more effective so you can use it for bigger audience. A/B testing with dark post can also help you determine which target group is better for your advertising – running multiple versions of dark post depending 0n your target group will show you the exact results your advertising generates for this particular group.


New fans aquisition

Using unpublished posts is also a great way to get more people to like your Facebook Page. Instead of publishing your Facebook Page ad in the right column of Facebook, you can take advantage of showing your ad on targetted users news feed along with the other updates particular user gets from his or hers friends and followed fanpages. Using this privileged ad location you can try to draw attention of your new potential fans with interesting content, study or article.