Autumn has come leaving lazy summertime behind. Lazy in general of course, the end of summer season wasn’t lazy time for Catvertiser. During the last month of summer we launched a lot of new interesting features on that will help you run and optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns.


Mass actions for your campaigns, ad sets and ads.

Using simple interface, you may now edit your campaigns, ad sets and ads much easier than using standard Facebook tools. Mass actions will help you update the details of numerous campaigns / ad sets and ads with one click. Just select campaigns, ad sets and ads you would like to change and use simple buttons to change budget, dates or bids for selected ads.



Ad sets budget presets

Catvertiser now helps you manage your campaign budget more efficiently with ‘Ad sets budget presets’. Using advanced ad sets configuration you can now split the budget into ad sets equally (50/50 budget split) or propportionally, according to the size of your ad set audience. Ad sets budget presets will help you allocate your budget to reflect your estimated audience size.



Landing view

Using Catvertiser for campaigns for your Facebook Pages you can now select landing view of your campaigns. Instead of directing your users to the timeline view of your Facebook Page, you can choose which tab of your fanpage will open with a click on your Facebook ad.



Campaign autosave

At last, but not at least, we introduced autosave in campaign creation process. Now every few seconds our mechanisms  save current progress of your campaign creation process. This new feature may not be very useful for you everyday but will certainly help you in case of unusual situations that may happen while you try to publish campaign (for example temporary problem with your internet connection).


What’s next?

We are working hard to provide you with more useful features during the next month. At the moment we are working on new targeting module which will let you reach your possible customers more precisely. Apart from that, we started developing autooptimization for your campaign – feature that will let you turn your campaigns into autopilot mode and optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns automatically.