Lead Ads on Facebook are designed to simplify a contact between companies and their potential customers. This ad format enables collecting contact details from the audience in a very easy way – by auto filling lead generation form with user details.

At a first glance, lead ad looks like a regular Facebook link advert – but it includes special call to action (CTA) buttons to encourage users to take an action, for example singing up for the newsletter or any business information etc. Clicking an lead ad opens a special lead generation form that is automatically filled with personal information from Facebook account (i.e. name and surname, email address, telephone number etc.). They can review the information, edit it etc., before submitting a form and this information is not sent to the business until an advertising recipient clicks “Submit”. Advertisers can customize a lead generation form for advertising campaign target and their business needs. They can use both open questions, as well as a multiple choice ones. But it is worth to remember that the less people have to do on their own (especially in the Internet), the higher conversion probability. The autofill forms make the collecting data process as easy as it is possible.

When it is worth using Lead Ads?
Lead ads were designed to connect people with businesses in a safe, easy and quick way. Lead Ads are the best way to find the people who want to hear from your business. They are used by businesses to encourage people to sign up for the newsletter, an offer, some event or more details about product or service. Lead adverts are commonly used to collect email addresses to the email database or telephone numbers to follow-up calls.

Security and privacy
As Facebook ensures, an lead ad were built in privacy in mind. As an advertiser, you should add a custom disclaimer to you lead ads. All the information sent to the advertisers have to be approved first by the advert audience. So you don’t need to worry about your datas security. Anything will be sent without Facebook user permission. Moreover, your personal details will be available only to the Facebook pages admins (business people with different permissions won’t have an access to this information).

How to create Lead Ads campaign in Catvertiser?
Log in to your Catvertiser account. If you don’t have one, you can try our 14-days free trial.
Then, choose the “Create campaign” tab from the left hand side menu. Fill all the fields – so choose the ads account, a client, a buying type (you have two options here: auction or reach & frequency), fill the campaign name and choose “Lead ads” from the available advertising types. If you click it you will see the additional options to choose: graphic advertisement, multiple products or movie. For the purpose of this article, we’ve chosen a graphic advertisement.

creating Facebook advertising campaing_campaign details in Catvertiser

In the next step you will need to prepare your ad set. Choose the right page for your campaign and a placement for your advert (places where your ads will be displayed. For lead ads you can choose it from the news feed on desktop and / or on mobile).

creating Facebook advertising campaign_creatives in Catvertiser


At this stage you will be able to create a lead ad form. If you’ve already made one before, you can choose the previous form. To create a new lead ad form just click “Generate lead ad form” link. A new window will open. Tick “New form” and click “Next” button in the bottom right corner.

Creating Facebook advertising campaign in Catvertiser_create a lead form

Fill a form name, choose a language and click “Next” button.

Creating Facebook advertising campaign in Catvertiser_form name and options

In the next step you should choose what kind of details you want to collect. It worth clicking “More options” - as you will see, you can collect an information list. You can also create your own additional questions. If you want to do this, just click “Add a question”. You can choose from the ones suggested by Facebook or create your own. There is an option to use close-end questions or the multiple choice ones.

creating Facebook advertising campaign in Catvertiser_what info would you like for

creating Facebook advertising campaign in Catvertiser_lead form_more options
Then you will go to the privacy policy step. You will need to fill the link to the private policy on your website. You can also add some additional notice by clicking “Add custom disclaimer”.

creating Facebook advertising campaign in Catvertiser_lead ad form_privacy policy

In the next step, you will be able to add the link to your campaign landing page. It can be a link to a simple so called “thank you page” or some product page or even the link to a video on your YouTube channel etc.

creating Facebook advertising campaign in Catvertiser_lead ad form_link to Catvertiser website
At the end you will see the lead generation form the preview. If all is fine you should click “Generate lead form”.

creating Facebook advertising campaing in Catvertiser_lead form preview

The next steps are the same like the standard Facebook campaign creation process. Please check, how to create a Facebook campaign step by step. So you will need to set your target group, bidding and a publication schedule. You can also decide to divide your ads in the different ad sets. In Catvertiser, you have also an ability to use the Facebook pixel conversion, UTM codes, Google Analytics targets.

You can also use the auto optimization rules. It’s really helpful functionality so find out more about those rules.