Page post promotion is one of the most popular form of advertising used on Facebook. In order to reach broader audience for the content published on particular Facebook Page, advertisers boost their posts making them more visible and discoverable for wider audience.

However, post advertising can be really time consuming task taking into consideration the fact that in many cases the responsibility for content management lays upon one person and the advertising is someone else’s job and in order to create content and advertise it properly the work of two persons (or even sometimes two different company branches) needs to be perfectly synchronised.

To optimize the process we give you new feature of Catvertiser: Automatic Post Advertising Strategy. Using it for your post advertising will surely help you save your time on post advertising and, what is also really important’ eliminate the issue of co-working mentioned above.


How to use Automatic Post Advertising Strategy

1. During the process of creating campaign on Catvertiser, select your Facebook Ads account, client, name your campaign and pick ‘Post advertising’.


2. Select Facebook Page you want to advertise and choose tab: “Automatic post advertising”



3. Enable automatic post advertising and choose types of posts you want to automatically advertise.


4. Choose your automatic advertising strategy.

Selecting ‘boost only the most recent post’ will launch advertising campaign once the new post appears on your Facebook Page. When new post will be published, advertising for the previous one will be stopped.

Selecting ‘boost each new post for’ gives you possibility to define how long each post should be promoted. Using this second option, later in the campaign creation process you will be able to set the budget for single post advertising.