In Catvertiser you can promote Facebook page post automatically. You can choose what types of posts should be boosted by the system. So far you had the options mentioned below:

  • all posts,
  • posts with any link,
  • posts with a link to selected domain,
  • posts with an image,
  • video posts,
  • posts with text status only (without any link, image nor video etc).

Now we give you even more possibilities.  Advertisers don’t need to choose the post type and they don’t need to limit to one.They can set a rule to promote posts (any types) that include specified keyword or keywords.

How to create a page post campaign with specific keyword – step by step

  1. Create new campaign (available in the left-hand side menu) – within this step you need to choose the ads account, client, buying type (auction or reach&frequency), fill the campaign name and from available advertising types choose “Page post”.
    Create Facebook page post campaign with specific keyword_step 1_Catvertiser
  2. At the next stage you need to choose the post types that you want to promote. You can select from already existing posts, create a new one or use the option: automatic post advertising. Thanks to this functionality, you can select what kind of posts will be promoted automatically. The new possibility – promoting posts that include a specific keyword, is marked as a NEW one, so you shouldn’t overlook it.
  3. After choosing this option, you should simply enter the keyword. You can use a # symbol or simply fill with a plain text. At this stage you can also precise your advertising strategy. You can choose to promote only the newest posts or boost every new post for specified time period etc.
    create Facebook page post campaign_step 3_select post type to promote automatically_Catvertiser
  4. In the next step you should specify details regarding your audience. You can select a countries, cities, age, gender, users interests, behaviour etc.
    create Facebook page post campaign_promote posts containing specific keyword_step 4_targeting audience_Catvertiser
  5. Then you will need to set up a campaign budget, as well as campaign objective and the schedule.
    create Facebook page post campaign_step 5_bidding and schedule_Catvertiser
  6. There is one more step before publishing your campaign. You can set some specific autooptimization rules (options available in the tab called “Advanced configuration”) that constantly monitor your campaigns and make desired changes in a specified situations.. Please check how the autooptimization rules work.
    create Facebook page post campaign_step 6_autooptimization rules_promote page posts containing specific keyword__Catvertiser

If you want to use this functionality, just click the “Create a new rule set” button. You have 7 options to choose from:

  • pause a campaign,
  • pause ad sets,
  • change adsets bids to value,
  • change adsets bids by percent,
  • change ads bids to value,
  • change ads bids by percent,
  • pause ads.

create Facebook page post campaign_step 7_create new autooptimization rule_Catvertiser


create Facebook page post campaign_step 7a_create new autooptimization rule_Catvertiser


Please find out how to set up the autooptimization rules step by step and know all the options you can use.

Catvertiser users who use automatical post promotion functionality, can create and run multiple ads campaigns for one Facebook page. So that they can promote different post types among different target groups and set different budgets and settings for each campaing.