Catvertiser, unlike standard Facebook advertising tools, facilitates optimization of Facebook advertising budget using CPA bidding. It means that you can run your Facebook advertising campaigns paying only for real effects of your campaigns instead of paying for each click or 1000 impressions of your ad. Using CPA you can advertise:

  • Facebook Pages – you pay only for new fans aquired during your campaigns
  • External websites – instead of paying for each click on your ad (CPC) you pay only for clicks redirecting users for websites
  • Mobile apps – installation of Android or iOS app (coming soon on Catvertiser)

However, the biggest problem of advertisers trying to begin their adventure with CPA bidding is lack of experience with this type of bidding. Advertisers used to CPC and CPM models may find it difficult to estimate how much will the action cost. Of course a little help will be automatic bidding recommendations displayed in Catvertiser on the bidding and budget section of campaign creator. For advertisers running their Facebook advertising campaigns worldwide, we prepared a table compared recommended min. and max. CPA bid for every country.

CPA bids presented in the table are min. and max. bids recommended by Facebook to run advertising campaigns on Facebook for Facebook Page, external website or mobile app for the entire population of each country without any targeting restriction. Please note, that the recommended bids for your campaign for Facebook Page or mobile app may vary depending to the changes in potential audience size. This is caused by the fact that while running fan aquisition campaign for your Facebook Page you need to exclude your existing fans (which in case of populous Facebook Pages will diminish your targeting group). The same will happen with campaigns for mobile apps where you need to specify the mobile operating system of your target group.