Working day by day on creating Facebook advertising campaigns we know how doing the same small things can be frustrating especially when you have to repeat them all the time, every day. One of these things is certainly management of the images you use for your Facebook advertisement.

You probably have a folder on your drive where you keep all previously used images. That’s OK but what if you would need to create campaign from other computer? Alternatively you can store your images in one of the cloud storage services. That’s quite good solution. You can organize your images in folders to be able to find the exact picture more quickly.

However, keeping your images on your hard drive or online have the same disadvantage: it consumes your time.

Using Catvertiser you can make the whole process of ads images management faster and more effective. Every time you add new image during the process of ads creation, Catvertiser will save your image in your personal gallery. Moreover, Catvertiser will also organize your pictures in categories corresponding to your clients or products you advertise. It will definitely help you save your precious time.