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Pros and Cons of using Facebook for your ad campaigns


Communicating with customers about products, services and company overall is an important part of every business. Nowadays this process became easier with development of Internet and social media. It simplified the communication processes and reaching the target audiences. It’s understandable that many companies, starting for start-ups and finishing with corporations, use online advertising as the significant part of their marketing strategies. However, online advertising has so many options to promote...

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Catvertiser helps save Polish moose


We are really proud and glad to inform you that we collaborated with WWF Poland (World Wide Fund for Nature), Polish branch of international organization that is working on issues regarding conservation and preserving nature and environment. In our country WWF Poland is taking care of our valuable forests, rivers and endangered species of animals like lynxes, wolves, bears and Baltic Sea mamals. We had a pleasure to help WWF Poland set...

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Facebook advertising campaigns on CPA basis


One of the core features of Catvertiser.com is a possibility to run Facebook advertising campaigns on CPA (cost per actions) basis- feature which is not available in standard Facebook tools. In this article we will try to explain how it is possible that Catvertiser.com offers advertising campaigns on CPA basis while Facebook advertising tools offers only CPC (Cost per click) and CPM (Cost per mille) and how using cost per...

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