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Catvertiser – Slack integration


More efficient Facebook advertising campaigns management and monitoring We’ve just launched Catvertiser integration with Slack. Thanks to the integration you will receive notifications regarding Facebook advertising campaigns ran in Catvertiser straight to the Slack channel. Benefits of integration: You will be notified of: start of a new campaign, any mistakes in the campaign publication proccess , changes made in the campaign complies with the defined optimization rules, i.e. if there...

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Pros and Cons of using Facebook for your ad campaigns


Communicating with customers about products, services and company overall is an important part of every business. Nowadays this process became easier with development of Internet and social media. It simplified the communication processes and reaching the target audiences. It’s understandable that many companies, starting for start-ups and finishing with corporations, use online advertising as the significant part of their marketing strategies. However, online advertising has so many options to promote...

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Social Approach of Financial Institutions on Facebook


Without any doubts the financial crisis have made an extensive shift in every industry and in every country around the world. Even though the financial sector is recovering, the shift and the time have made its deal. “The financial sector in general, and banks in particular, will never be the same” (Angel Berges). It is interesting to observe the tendency how online marketing and advertising in financial sector often disregarded....

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Facebook marketing trends for financial institutions in 2015


The Digital Era has transformed the way financial institutions represent themselves. Smartphones, apps and online presence became a common thing for every business. Below you can find trends, which prevail in 2015 in Facebook’s financial industry Content Content is important. And even if it’s already thrice-told, the importance of content becomes more and more visible. Financial services are no different. Their Facebook pages are frequently updated with some new, fresh information, keeping their fans interested and engaged. The key trend in...

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Banks on Facebook: Adopting Practices


Many of you know about the upcoming bank holidays in the UK and Ireland. Although there are some mismatches in dates in particular parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland, implications of bank holidays in all of them remain the same. Through years some traditions and rules might have changed, nevertheless, during these holidays banks are still not allowed to operate. I would like to take this opportunity and talk...

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Conferences and Events 2015 (autumn – winter)


Sometimes it is not enough just to create a good ad in Facebook. The best prefessionals in  this area agree that every advertiser should constantly develop him/herself. One of the best ways to keep yourself updated is to attend conferences in your sphere of interest. Sometimes it is hard to quantify  the benefits of such events (especially if they are costly), however you can gain not only some valuable experience,...

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Facebook Ads Marketing Tools


Building creatives for your Facebook adverts might be really time-consuming and tricky activity. While you prepare Facebook ads creatives for your campaign you have to remember (naturally except the obvious fact to make your ads appealing to your audience) about some details which are fundamental to the success of your Facebook advertising campaign or can even determine whether your ads will be displayed. To help you save your time and...

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NBA Facebook fans are worth millions


If NBA playoffs were to be resolved on Facebook with advertisers’ money fighting for the teams’ fans, Boston Celtics would win it chasing in over seven million dollars. Of all the teams Miami Heat has the higher number of American fans on Facebook – 5,096,777 (34,9% of all their fans are from the US while Philipinos are leading the pack). But they didn’t make it to playoffs this year. Of...

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Even meat can be sold on Facebook


Facebook is second largest advertising platform in the world. According to the data provided by Facebook, over 2 millions of advertisers worldwide use it to promote their brands, drive sales to their stores or to advertise their products or services. On the other hand, there are still many marketers who do not use Facebook to increase sales and prefer spend their advertising budgets on other actions. However, creating performance sales-generating...

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Advertise your mobile apps and pay for installs


Mobile activity of internet users is skyrocketing and we can observe that almost all internet related tasks can now be done on mobile device. Therefore, advertisement for mobile apps gains more importance. Facebook, as the world second largest advertising platform offers really great solutions to advertise on mobile and to advertise mobile apps. Using Facebook advertising platform marketers can promote their apps using advanced techniques. Thanks to really extense targeting...

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