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Even meat can be sold on Facebook


Facebook is second largest advertising platform in the world. According to the data provided by Facebook, over 2 millions of advertisers worldwide use it to promote their brands, drive sales to their stores or to advertise their products or services. On the other hand, there are still many marketers who do not use Facebook to increase sales and prefer spend their advertising budgets on other actions. However, creating performance sales-generating...

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Advertise your mobile apps and pay for installs


Mobile activity of internet users is skyrocketing and we can observe that almost all internet related tasks can now be done on mobile device. Therefore, advertisement for mobile apps gains more importance. Facebook, as the world second largest advertising platform offers really great solutions to advertise on mobile and to advertise mobile apps. Using Facebook advertising platform marketers can promote their apps using advanced techniques. Thanks to really extense targeting...

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Advertise your products effectively with Multi-Product Ads


Multi-Product Ads are one of the recent features in Facebook’s advertising platform. They allow advertisers showing up to 5 different products in one ad… We wanted to verify how they perform and how Facebook users react to such ads. Thus, we performed a small test and used Multi-Product Ads to promote the most important features of Catvertiser.com. Below you will find how we made our test and what conclusions we...

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How Catvertiser can help you optimize your Facebook campaigns?


Working on development of Catvertiser on daily basis we are always trying to hear and react to needs and feedback of our customers. Our goal is to improve Catvertiser every day, solve advertising problems and lacks of standard Facebook advertising tools, help advertisers optimize their Facebook campaign and speed up processes that tend to be time cunsuming. In the first year we launched the most important features that help marketers...

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Promote multiple products in one ad


Good news are coming for all advertisers, especially those using Facebook to advertise various products from their stores or e-commerce sites. Now, you can promote up to 5 products from your store in one ad using Multi-Product Ad. Creating this new type of ads with Catvertiser.com is as simple as ABC. Just select from 3 to 5 products you would like to run advertising campaign for, add their names and...

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Recommended CPA, CPC and CPM bids worldwide


In November we presented to you recommended CPA bids for Facebook advertising of Facebook Pages and external websites. In this months’ summary you will find comparison of recommended CPA (cost per action), CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per mille) bids for Facebook advertising for all countries worldwide. Data presented in the table below is based upon bid recommendations displayed in Catvertiser Facebook campaign creator.  

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Case study – CPA bidding in WWF Poland campaigns


In the previous blog posts we were trying to convince you to try CPA bidding (not available using standard Facebook advertising tools) to optimize the costs of your Facebook campaigns. Now it’s time for the facts – case study presenting the effectiveness of CPA bidding in campaigns realized for Polish branch of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Poland).  

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Recommended CPA bids for every country


Catvertiser, unlike standard Facebook advertising tools, facilitates optimization of Facebook advertising budget using CPA bidding. It means that you can run your Facebook advertising campaigns paying only for real effects of your campaigns instead of paying for each click or 1000 impressions of your ad. Using CPA you can advertise: Facebook Pages – you pay only for new fans aquired during your campaigns External websites – instead of paying for each...

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Demographic report: Facebook users in South America


Two months ago we were summing up European users of Facebook, now it’s time to highlight the most important observations for South American countries. The overall population of Facebook in South America is almost 200 millions of users. Comparing to Europe, is around 100 millions lower number. However, taking into consideration the fact that Europe has 2 times bigger population than South America, it means that Facebook is more popular...

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Demographic report: Facebook users in Europe


In the new series of demographic reports we will try to summarize the European population of Facebook taking into consideration factors like percentage of population with Facebook accounts, percentage of mobile users and recommended bids needed for Facebook advertising in each European country. Facebook population of Europe is almost 300 000 000. Combining it with the fact that on average 35% of European citizens have their accounts on Facebook sounds...

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