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Use existing page posts to advertise your website


Some time ago we wrote about possibility to import your campaign creatives directly from Excel. Now, we have yet another way to speed up the process of preparing creatives for your Facebook advertising campaigns. Now you can use your previously created posts (including ‘dark posts’) to build creatives for your Facebook campaign for external website. Using your posts will help you start your campaign faster than ever and will eliminate...

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Bulk upload of Facebook ads


One of the best ways to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns is to create multiple ads and serve them to your audience in order to check which ones perform better and generate more satisfactory results. However, creating many creatives can be challenging and time consuming task as using standard tools you need to create each ad separatedly copying your data one by one from Excel. Now, with Catvertiser.com you...

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How to build creatives effectively?


One of the most important part of creating and managing your Facebook advertising campaigns is your creative. Your sales pitch and the image attached to it is the only thing your potential customer sees. The decision whether to click on the presented ad and start the interaction with your product is in majority of cases based upon convincibility of your ads, especially when seeing your ad is the first contact...

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