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Optimize your advert to capture leads on Facebook – so how to use Facebook Lead Ads?

Lead ads na Facebooku_Catvertiser blog

Lead Ads on Facebook are designed to simplify a contact between companies and their potential customers. This ad format enables collecting contact details from the audience in a very easy way – by auto filling lead generation form with user details. At a first glance, lead ad looks like a regular Facebook link advert – but it includes special call to action (CTA) buttons to encourage users to take an...

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Catvertiser bot lets you manage and monitor your Facebook campaigns in Messenger

Catvertiser bot_Messenger

Facebook chat became very useful and efficient internet communicator. Few days ago, Facebook enabled developers to create their own bot. It’s a huge change that can be successfully used by business, i.e. to automate customer services. On their behalf Facebook communicator can contact with the customers or potential business partners. Yesterday (15. June) we launched Catvertiser bot. It is most likely the first bot that enables Facebook users to monitor...

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Creative ways of using Facebook carousel ads

Facebook carousel ad_image to Catvertiser blog article regarding multi product Facebook campaign

If you are running advertising campaings on Facebook it’s really important to have an outstanding and eye-catching ad creation. A great way is using Facebook carousel ad (known also as multi-product ad). This advert format enables advertisers to show 3-5 images (dimensions: 600 x 600 px) or videos , links, headlines and CTA (call to action) within one ad creation / within single ad unit. Carousel ads are largely used...

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Don’t boost posts on Facebook manually. Automate.

do not boost your facebook posts manually - automate

Marketers, editors and specialist responsible for communication activities on Facebook noticed, for sure, that organic reach is falling and it is harder and harder to reach their fans and other Facebook users. This is a business strategy carefully considered by Facebook. First of all, Facebook wants to be read as a newspaper. It would be great if you read it everyday or even few times a day. Nevertheless, Facebook wants...

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Reach and Frequency – new campaign type available in Catvertiser

Reach and frequency Facebook campaign_image

Reach and Frequency (R&F) is the new buying mode that enables Facebook advertisers to more precisely plan/schedule and predict the cost and reach of the promotional campaigns. Marketers using R&F are able to accurately manage the audience size on Facebook and control ads frequency.   The advantages of the R&F campaigns: Better control of budget and reach. Facebook advertisers can predictably reach the exact number of Facebook users in their...

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