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Catvertiser – Slack integration


More efficient Facebook advertising campaigns management and monitoring We’ve just launched Catvertiser integration with Slack. Thanks to the integration you will receive notifications regarding Facebook advertising campaigns ran in Catvertiser straight to the Slack channel. Benefits of integration: You will be notified of: start of a new campaign, any mistakes in the campaign publication proccess , changes made in the campaign complies with the defined optimization rules, i.e. if there...

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Catvertiser mobile app for Android system available on the Play Store now!

catvertiser mobile app

Catvertiser lets you control your Facebook campaigns straight from your mobile device using Android. So that you can check the results anytime, anywhere. Within the app, you have a preview of all your ongoing campaigns. You can also check your Facebook advertising activities results from the campaigns that are carry out in the current month. All the showing results are matched to the campaign target, i.e. for campaigns optimized for...

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Reach and Frequency – new campaign type available in Catvertiser

Reach and frequency Facebook campaign_image

Reach and Frequency (R&F) is the new buying mode that enables Facebook advertisers to more precisely plan/schedule and predict the cost and reach of the promotional campaigns. Marketers using R&F are able to accurately manage the audience size on Facebook and control ads frequency.   The advantages of the R&F campaigns: Better control of budget and reach. Facebook advertisers can predictably reach the exact number of Facebook users in their...

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How Catvertiser can help you optimize your Facebook campaigns?


Working on development of Catvertiser on daily basis we are always trying to hear and react to needs and feedback of our customers. Our goal is to improve Catvertiser every day, solve advertising problems and lacks of standard Facebook advertising tools, help advertisers optimize their Facebook campaign and speed up processes that tend to be time cunsuming. In the first year we launched the most important features that help marketers...

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Case study – CPA bidding in WWF Poland campaigns


In the previous blog posts we were trying to convince you to try CPA bidding (not available using standard Facebook advertising tools) to optimize the costs of your Facebook campaigns. Now it’s time for the facts – case study presenting the effectiveness of CPA bidding in campaigns realized for Polish branch of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Poland).  

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Recommended CPA bids for every country


Catvertiser, unlike standard Facebook advertising tools, facilitates optimization of Facebook advertising budget using CPA bidding. It means that you can run your Facebook advertising campaigns paying only for real effects of your campaigns instead of paying for each click or 1000 impressions of your ad. Using CPA you can advertise: Facebook Pages – you pay only for new fans aquired during your campaigns External websites – instead of paying for each...

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