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How Catvertiser can help you optimize your Facebook campaigns?


Working on development of Catvertiser on daily basis we are always trying to hear and react to needs and feedback of our customers. Our goal is to improve Catvertiser every day, solve advertising problems and lacks of standard Facebook advertising tools, help advertisers optimize their Facebook campaign and speed up processes that tend to be time cunsuming. In the first year we launched the most important features that help marketers...

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Catvertiser product update – November 2014


Dear Catvertisers – we have some great news for you! Today we updated Catvertiser.com and equipped it with some new functionalities to help you manage and optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns. Here’s what we got for you – we hope you like it: Ads previews One of the major updates in our platform is introduction of ads previews. Now, in all your campaigns run with Catvertiser since you started using...

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New Catvertiser features – September 2014


Autumn has come leaving lazy summertime behind. Lazy in general of course, the end of summer season wasn’t lazy time for Catvertiser. During the last month of summer we launched a lot of new interesting features on Catvertiser.com that will help you run and optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns.   Mass actions for your campaigns, ad sets and ads. Using simple Catvertiser.com interface, you may now edit your campaigns, ad...

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Create campaign drafts with Catvertiser


The purpose of Catvertiser.com is to provide our users not only with solutions to optimize their advertising budgets but also to help them save their precious time while creating and working with Facebook advertising campaigns. This week we launched a new feature that will help create Facebook advertising campaigns basing on those previously created – saving your campaigns as drafts. At the moment, on each step of campaign creation on...

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Catvertiser vs Facebook Ad Manager – March 2014


We are starting a series of articles to show you the possibilities of Catvertiser.com in comparison with standard advertising solutions provided by Facebook. One of the major objectives of Catvertiser.com is to give you better experience and better results of your Facebook advertising campaigns. In order to to do it we equipped Catvertiser.com with some useful features to make your Facebook advertising more successful. We just started – so stay...

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