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Track Multi-Product Ads with Google Analytics


Multi-Product Ads, since their rollout last year, have gained popularity and allowed advertisers promote multiple products within one advert. Multi-Product Ads solution is perfect for campaigns realized for stores and e-commerce sites. However, as for the tracking of multi product ads advertisers are stuck to conversion pixels which provide quite limited outlook on the behavior of the users visiting product page after seeing an ad on Facebook. Using Catvertiser integration...

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Google Analytics integration now available on Catvertiser!


Google Analytics is really powerful tool and good friend of every advertiser working on the optimization of his/hers advertising campaigns. It’s one of the best tools to measure the behaviour of your customers and really useful tool to optimize processes like sales or customers acquisition or to simply see why your website doesn’t convert into desired results. Tracking of the performance of ad campaigns is really valuable as well for...

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Using UTM tracking in Facebook campaigns for websites


One of the best ways to check the effectiveness of your advertising efforts is using Google Analytics. However, it’s really worth tracking more than just the simpliest metrics like: visits, unique visitors or pageviews. Successful advertising in general is not about the number of people that saw your adverts. What really matters is the interaction of your audience with your ads and the behaviour of your potential customers after reaching...

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