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Catvertiser mobile app for Android system available on the Play Store now!

catvertiser mobile app

Catvertiser lets you control your Facebook campaigns straight from your mobile device using Android. So that you can check the results anytime, anywhere. Within the app, you have a preview of all your ongoing campaigns. You can also check your Facebook advertising activities results from the campaigns that are carry out in the current month. All the showing results are matched to the campaign target, i.e. for campaigns optimized for...

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Advertise your mobile apps and pay for installs


Mobile activity of internet users is skyrocketing and we can observe that almost all internet related tasks can now be done on mobile device. Therefore, advertisement for mobile apps gains more importance. Facebook, as the world second largest advertising platform offers really great solutions to advertise on mobile and to advertise mobile apps. Using Facebook advertising platform marketers can promote their apps using advanced techniques. Thanks to really extense targeting...

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