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Pros and Cons of using Facebook for your ad campaigns


Communicating with customers about products, services and company overall is an important part of every business. Nowadays this process became easier with development of Internet and social media. It simplified the communication processes and reaching the target audiences. It’s understandable that many companies, starting for start-ups and finishing with corporations, use online advertising as the significant part of their marketing strategies. However, online advertising has so many options to promote...

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Optimize your post campaigns with Automatic Post Advertising


Page post promotion is one of the most popular form of advertising used on Facebook. In order to reach broader audience for the content published on particular Facebook Page, advertisers boost their posts making them more visible and discoverable for wider audience. However, post advertising can be really time consuming task taking into consideration the fact that in many cases the responsibility for content management lays upon one person and...

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Catvertiser vs Facebook Ad Manager – March 2014


We are starting a series of articles to show you the possibilities of Catvertiser.com in comparison with standard advertising solutions provided by Facebook. One of the major objectives of Catvertiser.com is to give you better experience and better results of your Facebook advertising campaigns. In order to to do it we equipped Catvertiser.com with some useful features to make your Facebook advertising more successful. We just started – so stay...

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