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NBA Facebook fans are worth millions


If NBA playoffs were to be resolved on Facebook with advertisers’ money fighting for the teams’ fans, Boston Celtics would win it chasing in over seven million dollars. Of all the teams Miami Heat has the higher number of American fans on Facebook – 5,096,777 (34,9% of all their fans are from the US while Philipinos are leading the pack). But they didn’t make it to playoffs this year. Of...

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Demographic report: Facebook users in South America


Two months ago we were summing up European users of Facebook, now it’s time to highlight the most important observations for South American countries. The overall population of Facebook in South America is almost 200 millions of users. Comparing to Europe, is around 100 millions lower number. However, taking into consideration the fact that Europe has 2 times bigger population than South America, it means that Facebook is more popular...

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Demographic report: Facebook users in Europe


In the new series of demographic reports we will try to summarize the European population of Facebook taking into consideration factors like percentage of population with Facebook accounts, percentage of mobile users and recommended bids needed for Facebook advertising in each European country. Facebook population of Europe is almost 300 000 000. Combining it with the fact that on average 35% of European citizens have their accounts on Facebook sounds...

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