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How to choose images for your Facebook ads or posts to grab maximum attention?

How to choose images for your Facebook ads or posts to grab maximum attention_Catvertiser blog

By nature, people are visual learners and are attracted to images, especially the ones with people. Pictures and graphics are identified much faster than text. According to the MIT neuroscientists, human brain is able to process images even in 13 milliseconds. A photo helps to explain the story you want to tell your audience and can draw the eye of those scanning your Facebook page or website etc. This is...

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Catvertiser – Slack integration


More efficient Facebook advertising campaigns management and monitoring We’ve just launched Catvertiser integration with Slack. Thanks to the integration you will receive notifications regarding Facebook advertising campaigns ran in Catvertiser straight to the Slack channel. Benefits of integration: You will be notified of: start of a new campaign, any mistakes in the campaign publication proccess , changes made in the campaign complies with the defined optimization rules, i.e. if there...

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Conferences and Events 2015 (autumn – winter)


Sometimes it is not enough just to create a good ad in Facebook. The best prefessionals in  this area agree that every advertiser should constantly develop him/herself. One of the best ways to keep yourself updated is to attend conferences in your sphere of interest. Sometimes it is hard to quantify  the benefits of such events (especially if they are costly), however you can gain not only some valuable experience,...

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