Below we have prepared 10 tips and good practices that will help you start your unforgettable adventure with Catvertiser.


1. Connect your Facebook Ads Account

It may sound a little bit obvious but still, we decided to point it out as the next 9 commandments simply don’t make any sense if you won’t connect your Facebook Ads account.

During the process of registration, on the last step you will be (or you were) asked to connect your Facebook Ads account. It is needed to start advertising, without connecting it you will not be able to run any advertising campaign on Catvertiser. Moreover, please remember not to disconnect your Ads Accounts while using Generally, it is recommended to have at least one account connected to be able to work on Catvertiser properly.



2. Don’t run two identical campaigns at the same time

One of the ideas new Catvertiser users come up with is trying to test how using Catvertiser affects the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. That’s great – in order to check if the tool helps optimize our advertising efforts, it’s really impoerant to compare it with already used tools. The problem is while advertisers try to run two twin campaigns, one with Catvertiser on CPA basis and one on standard Facebook tools on CPC. Running such campaigns with similar creatives and the same audience will surely cause that one of the campaigns simply will not be displayed. In order to test the effectiveness of two tools using the same audience and the same creatives it is recommended to run these two campaigns separatedly – for example one week with Catvertiser and the following week with Power Editor or Facebook Ads Manager. It will give you the best results without a risk of one campaign not being displayed at all.


3. Analyze your campaigns and measure effectiveness

All advertising campaigns needs attention. Creating and publishing campaign don’t end your efforts. To improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns run with Catvertiser you should sometimes check their statuses, costs, bids and budget and try to optimize them in order to get the best results. Catvertiser offers some additional features comparing it to standard Facebook tools but still, manual optimization will help you get even more of your advertising.


4. Adjust your bids to the reality

Every advertisers’ goal is to generate as many results as possible with the lowest possible budget. To achieve it advertisers tend to lower their bids to get the best and the cheapest results. While sometimes it’s good idea, in other cases cutting your bids too much can prevent your ads from displaying or your ads simply will not be accepted by Facebook. While it’s good idea to optimize and try to lower your bids while your campaign is active, it might not be the best idea to publish your campaign with €0.01 CPA bid.

Also, it’s worth looking at suggested Facebook bids to adjust your bid values to the reality – your bid depends mostly on the audience you are trying to target so values needed to target users from the United States and for example China will surely be completely different.


5. Check news & warnings for updates

Publishing your campaign with Catvertiser doesn’t always mean that it will be displayed by Facebook. Sometimes (not often) it happens that the campaign you are trying to publish is refused by Facebook or simply some errors preventing it from being published occurs. In order to make sure that your campaigns has been published properly, check ‘News & warnings’ section of your Catvertiser dashboard. In case of any problems with publishing your campaigns, you will find detailed information here.



6. Use advanced ad sets configuration

With the New Campaign Structure infroduced in March, Facebook lets advertisers to organize their campaigns in ad sets to optimize their performance and to compare the results obtained from different target groups. On Catvertiser you can use advanced ad sets configuration which will help you optimize your bids and budget to the exact audiences you are trying to reach with you ad. Don’t be afraid to use it – it will surely help you optimize your advertising efforts.



7. Use split tests

Testing is one of the fundamental activities needed to obtain the best results of your Facebook advertising. Using Catvertiser you can easily prepare multiple versions of your ads or split you campaigns in smaller target groups. To perform split test, simply press ‘Split test’ button located next to the selected targetting criteria. Split tests will help you decide which ad is received better by you audience, and also it helps you decide which audience is perfect for your advertised product.



8. Don’t use too much split tests

While split testing is great idea, testing too much is not. Pressing split test button next to each and every targetting group will cause that you will easily generate just too many ads targetted to really small target groups. It may cause that some of your ads will not be displayed but the major obstacle is that testing too much you will not be able to compare your tests results.


9. Read tips from our blog

We recommend reading tips and news from our blog. It will definitely help you understand our product and optimize your advertising actions.


10. Extend your trial period

By standard we offer a 15-days free trial. During this time you can run some test campaigns to check how Catvertiser works for you. If you need some more time for your testing, you can easily extend your trial period for additional 15 days by spreading good word about Catvertiser on popular social media sites.