Multi-Product Ads, since their rollout last year, have gained popularity and allowed advertisers promote multiple products within one advert. Multi-Product Ads solution is perfect for campaigns realized for stores and e-commerce sites. However, as for the tracking of multi product ads advertisers are stuck to conversion pixels which provide quite limited outlook on the behavior of the users visiting product page after seeing an ad on Facebook.

Using Catvertiser integration with Google Analytics  you will be able to track your Multi-Product Ads campaigns more carefully gaining access to the detailed in-depth statistics for each product advertised within one Multi-Product creative. Not only all the links used in your product will be automatically tagged with Google Analytics UTM tracking codes (which is quite time-saver), but also all important Google Analtytics metrics like: bounce rate, average number of pages seen by the user within one visit, time spent on site or number of defined goals completions will be accessible in new My Campaigns section. It will definitely help you pick products that really convert and to measure what actions are taken on your site by the users.